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burning n

Well guys we made it! Episode 100! if you missed Burning Boots well here's one more. We had a bro day then got trashed and recorded an episode. Lots of meta nonsense to start off. We talk family stuff. Link to the Freedom Tear vid ( ). Memory holes lead Derek to be the first. Women ruin our days. We make a series of awful jokes as we get more intoxicated. Kyle and Davie have a Liberty Dad Talk. Then we seem to just ramble about absolutely nothing for a while. Derek eats into the mic! More talking in circles. Wow. HAhhahahaha. We start talking politics with like 15 min left of the show. JK back to cum jokes. Derek defends women. click it, you know you want to. Make sure to get ahold the patron episode. It was 10x wilder.

This week's closing song is DeathKult Disciples by Ho99o9

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