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Tin Foil Harem - Ep. 1

Taxi, Nully, and Banter

Have you ever wanted to listen to a group of philosophical ret*rds give lukewarm conspiracy theory takes on catboy gene therapy and oriental FBI p*ssy? This episode of Tin Foil Harem we delve into the past to look at how every major mass shooting across America was perpetuated by Asian coochie and clop porn. At one point the ethical dilemma of whether you should sell oregano to 13 year olds for $25 a gram makes its way to us.

Buckle up and welcome to the Harem

This is the pilot episode for the first show generated by the friendship simulator community, by long time friends Taxi, Nully, and Banter: Tin Foil Harem.

Be on the look out for this show on its own dedicated feed on all podcast apps.

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